Sunday, July 1, 2012

Alhamdulillah! I love it! =)

Smile! For a new day to begin!
Today is 1 July 2012Another new, working day in veterinar place, entering the second week hoho Today me and my other 2 friends will incharged in new department that is Clinical Department for a forthweek Ergh =,='' Long enough HOHO Positive positive! I said to myself its going to be a very fun thing to do. We just wait there, the clock was around 8.30 am when the first customer came and bring the patience. Whoa, its a cat. Very big and black sick cat. It got its urinary tract blocked and it cant pee. How pathetic. Urm, then the veterinar officer came. He s En. Othman. He s around 40 i think,a  generous, humble guy and very warmly welcoming us, the practical student  to ask, to gain anything, the knowledge bout those sickness, symptom and treatment on those animals. 

Today, theres another boy student from Unisza, who aso do the practicum untill the end of this week. I was really excited about what i m going to do afterwards after seeing how the sick cat was treated by En. Othman. I had found my mood sumwhere! :D It wasnt easy and need a very much experience, and skilled technique to handle those special 'patience' Hoho i knew this man, now another man after En. Wan Harun, really inspired me lot since i went this veterinar place. He s really much 'talented' in what he s doing. When people came and bring their sick pet, he straight away knew whats wrong with it. Is'nt that great? :O HO~ Even the doctor need to ask the patient first right and the he got the clue wats the medicine that fit the sick one. ;D 

Very well, long and amazing new experience that i had today, yeay i love it! To learn sumthing new. Being in the field, get known people and know what other people capable to do, gain so much respect in myself towards them. Veterinar is simply a great field to explore, and to have fun with! No joking! ~_~ Before this, people did ask, where i ll do my practicum. So i said it veterinar. Well u know people, sum of them like.. very look it as a common, nothing fun, boring, dull, the job not much related to my course and what so ever. [ Well even my mom aso judge it like 'Veterinar? Hurm.. Kerja apa ada? Nanti awak buat apa, cucuk kambing, kucing, lagi? ]

Err =,= I was just smiling. (~_~) Took a deep breath and face it cooly. :) I ll stick to my point. Its wrong and totally wrong. Not just about job potential, no fun or what but its all about the 'EXPERIENCE' and 'KNOWLEDGE' that we gain here. Afterall, that is industrial practical is all bout right. Alhamdulillah, i m really gratefull that i ve got this place, this chance, this new, exciting experience [ Well i m not saying that i really enjoy myself every single day :p ] Hoho its depend n which department and the the activities on that day actually. But today, yeah, i really enjoy my day. Theres were about 30+ pets, mostly cat that came to get treatment and medicine from morning till evening. Whats wrong with them? Ohoho so much common sickness with human aso basically, fever, flu, fungus on their skin ( Kurap ), dehydrated, stress cat (?), swollen feet, injured one, inflammation on back bone, kitten had it usus terkeluar :[

Get well soon buddy!
And! Another two interesting cases was we called it as 'KASI' which we want to cut off and take out those reproduction system of the cat. After 2pm. En. Othman showed us how were that, both for male and female. Erghh =,='' not a comfort scene to see, but ya.. its a.. well i have no words to describe it :[ i feel pity in those cats eventhough its oredy being 'bius'ed, though he handle em with so much care. I still can feel the pain :[ But like, En Othman said, to take this job 'U must got dry heart, cannot pity pity, cause what u do is for goodness sake'. HOHO Ya, correct2, i ll take it and this 2 weeks wud be enough for me to get it to my vein. Around 4 i went back home. HOHO what a day! Looking forward for another new-day-to-learn-sumthing-new tomorrow. Insha Allah! :D

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