Saturday, June 4, 2011

miss being able to sleep early (=.=)''

salamualaik. hi there. hayya dis nite cannot sleep. bout 1 hour ago tried so hard to sleep but still.. cannot sleep. hoh~ weird thing is, why every morning like 10 11 am like i stat to feel very sleepy that ma eyes almost close eve when am walkin hoooo~ like am thinkin2, got nothin to do and finally wat else i fall asleep oredy hurmmm n rite now i wan sleep but then cannot. waa~ btw its ok la. i guess maybe after i write sumthing here then i feel sleepy coz words, letters n alphabets use to be a very effective sleeping pill for me before wuwuuu. ^o^

So today i wan share wat did i do dis morning.. hoho got nothin to do wif any cookings, or room renovation.. but... its ma bisness again huhu yesterday i went out n bought sum stuff to carry out ma promotion thing. i laminat sum of paper aso. papers that i make.. its sound like.. get nur syifa cream today! now! hoho in malay version of coz. n then this morning, ma project started. am attachin those papers to ma house gate, some board around the park, n to the pondok wall. huhu nobodys there dat y i choosed dat time so that i can do anything without feel being ashamed of doing that. hehe act nothin to be ashame but those thing.. you know.. sumtime people see n then laugh.. erk! even ma brothers n sisters aso.. they would laugh.... out loud! but i dun care s long s i could learn sumthin from what am doin now. somtime its hard, cause there ll be trouble but all these would make things more challenging..more fun.. n plus i do belive NO PAIN NO GAIN! Allah with me by all time, i got trust in Him. n got 1 hadith i had heard bb4, Allah love most people who work best in what his doing>> of coz the correct things to do, in His path. hurm, try to get dis. if we dun feel tired when planting a pumpkin, then its hard to enjoy its sweet taste at the end of the day. hoho my own idiom. dunno why i pick pumpkin rather than other. even i duno how it taste huk8 or maybe i shud replace it wif banana. much better n sound better huuu~

Yeah! I have Allah in my side. So dun fear! Positive!!

finish with those fruit. u noe, when its afternoon, i found out the papers that i put on the wall wasnt there. fly away blew by the wind hayyaaa~ then i go there n fiz it. put more tape. well the wall s not too smooth the uneven surface cause the paper cannot stayed there any longer. no it wont. i got to do sumthin then. hmm maybe i ve to go to psi again n buy another type of tape, the one that more suitable.. stronger.. n then i cud detect sum another spot that i guess i can attach those papers nex day.. the spot that visible enough to be seen by people around hoho~ well thats promotion. ha, so that 1 for tomorrow. n then i aso got plan to attach it beside the Seven E near ma house. am still wonderng act can or not. but see la how coz that day aso got sum paper beside it. hurmmm~ n then tomolo evening i aso planning to pass the flyer, introducin ma product to the people around ma hosing area. maybe if i brave enof, bring ma two lil sis hehe c la how. if am rajin then i ll take n upload the pic of the papers that ve been attached every where in ma area hoho~

well now ma 'sleeping pill' start to works. huhu so thats all ma bisnes story for today. lookin firward for another new, shiny day tomorrow! insha Allah =) lailusaeed. salam.