Friday, November 11, 2011

Toward a better Muslim ;]

Alhamdulillah, Thanks to Allah for this beautiful life He has given to me. Hurm, dear all its has been a long time i had not post any n3 in here. well as i thought before, third sem gona be a though one. However, i had to admit lots of changes, which is positive one had took place in my life. ;)

Starting at the very beginning of this semester, i had new 'job' huhu I m grateful to be chosen as one of the Rakan, Majlis Kolej Kediaman UMT at my pace. Specifically speaking, Unit Kerohaniah dan Pembangunan Sahsiah. First time i did attend the meeting with others, i was like.. Oh no.. it cant be me.. they were all good boys, pious girls.. and me? Hurm. Sometimes i thought am the most naughty, the one with lowest level of Islamic knowlegde compared to others. But but but, time walking by.. and Allah had really opened my eyes.. Being with good people, made me eagerly wan to be a part of them too. i got my good fren advised me, not to be worry just bcoz of that tiny thing, but take d positive part of it. Push myself toward a better person day by day insha Allah ;) I do reallly admire both my Excos. They did really inspired me a lot. ;D

This sem i aso got, sum kind of new fren, new partner walkin with me and cat.. myra.. hehe ;D well big thing to tell everybody huh? wee~ Like before.. there ll be sum conlict that took place between me n my people ( not talkin bout cat n myra k? ). Its  good thing to have cat n myra by my side. ;] however, i had to admit. being in here.. in umt.. sumtimes i feel quite alone. ya, they both understand me much better then other frens in umt. but still, they dun understand me as much i expect from them. sometimes, maybe it can be most of the time.. i do get hard feeling with with them. What they speak, make me sad.. tore ma heart apart.. i used to cry bcoz of them before.. when i think its too much.. hey, am a human being aso.. i cannot be tough, hard, flexible n wat so ever by all time.. i wish there ll be one time that am capable of speaking my heart out bout this. Hurm, its ok la, i just type it here. Sumore, Allah knows what s really going on in my mind, whats really hurt me, and He do count every single of my tear. That will be a huuuuge secrete between me and Him. 

Talkkin bout frens, couple days ago i had a chat wif ma best best best fren ever.. Diela, and Qoo.. Hoho! At last! I do really miss them. My best Listener of my story hehe I spoke my heart out. I Told them how i really missed the moment with my old friends. People in Umt sometimes abuse me ( huh? ) uhuhu Talk talk talk, like it seems to meet no end. They did give me some nice, sweet words so that am not feelin sad for things me myself making up. ( Erk, really ) at one moment, the more i think, the more i realize maybe all dis time i am the one who is not being grateful of what i already had.. Ya, right..? Noo am not.. Yes you are.. Well, it can be yes or not.. YOU are..!! Ok yes I am. Hurm i m slightly realise, i do really happy, laugh laugh laugh together with them.. so wat could be the big deal huh? Its not bout them, its bout inside ME. Oh Allah, guide my heart so that i wont do things i shudnt do in my life, so that i wont take any wrong decision without am knowing it. 

Hurm, this sem.. i took a step closer to Allah. Alhamdulillah. maybe slowly, i already make it succes for me to adapt my self in here. Relief.. happy as i am ;D its like i found who my real self is.. Subhanallah.. i found my road straight pointed to Him.. With my new job MKK, plus i got a new roomate.. She aso inspired me a lot.. Its so true when Wardina Safiyah said before, when u determined to changed ur self better, and move a step closer toward Islam.. Allah will send u people who ll take ur hand and move ahead.. Alhamdulillah.. Thanks to Him.. This is my Hijrah ;) Speaking to my self.. starting from now on, yiippie! I am super happy! Every morning, i wake up with a renew determination in my self.. Dear Allah, today i want to become a better person, a much much better Muslimah, pleas guide me Amin! I found new routine in my daily life, performing prayer at early time, make full use of Surau around me, get myself into usrah, reading mathurat, Qurau recitation..before this, i only make promise to myself to recite this holy Quran at least 1 time per day.. but now i wan to set up new target.. i wan to at least, read it 5 pages per day.. even i still think its quiet little compared to how huge it will give me 'syafaat' on my very next life. Well, i ll improve as possible as i could. Aso, i try try try so hard to make my self wake up early in morning, in middle of the night, performing tahajud, qiamualail, and fasting in every Mon and Thurs. Errghh~ still try and try. 

Thats all really need ijtihad, effort and a very strong determination in ourself to really2 turn over a new leaf hoho~ And i aso make up a new hobby, listening to tazkirah MP3 hoho interesting rite? u noe, when i m listening to music i duno why i l easily to get dizzy, stress.. that i cud feel my blood become so thick on my haed. its like, i cannot think or focus on my work then hoh but ya, i had to admit, sumtimes in afternoon, i do listen to music, ( bollywood sumore ngeh3 ) to avoid feelin bored or sleepy when i do my work ohoho no matter whos givin the tazkirah, either ustaz azhar, ustaz kazim.. zahazan.. shamsul zaman.. ustaz shamsuri.. all i listen.. well, we got no one, no lecture to remind us bout Islam, aqidah, and syariah right.. i think thats all  i cud.. we cud do.. to make ourselve alwiz close to our beloved deen, our beloved Muhammad saw.. 

One day, i listened to tazkirah, by one of the famous novelis, Ustazah Fatimah Syarha Mohd Noordin. One that i admired a lot. Got 1 thing that she said, push my self to do sumthing huge.. She did say.. to close any door that cud bring 'fitnah' between male and female.. especially in way that we communicate to each other.. unless for acceptable reason according to syariah.. Reason, in term of.. when Allah ask you bout the 'reason' for sure, u can answer it. But if not, you better leave it. Thats really touch my heart and make me think. All this  while, i alwiz try to take care good on how to deal with Muslimin around me.. how i speak to them, all bout the muamalat thing.. But still, in my point of view.. its hard.. :( i dunno.. but i cud feel it. But then i took the best decision, the decision which to take care Allah more than anything else.. focus on Him more.. than anyone else..then I choose to leave.. what ever that i think its possible to take Him away from me..  Masha Allah, give me strength.. cause i am.. definitely weak.. ='[

Hurm, i think that s all for this n3.. huhu Hope that i cud make it.. toward a better Muslim.. Wishing me myself a 'barokah' day ahead ;D Till then, salam alaik~

Saturday, July 9, 2011

picnic plus pizza...ohohoi

Wah wah wah~ duk plan stat 2 minggu x jadi2 jugak...hoho tapi..last but not least jadi jugak..tu dia..picnic dgn kwn2 Fertucini~ wohoho! mggu lepas, da plan tp sbb kesuntukan mase, mal plop na balik tmpat dy blaja mlm tu.. venue pun x menarik, dpn umah ak.. hik8 last2 x jadi..tape la, tade rezki lagi Alhamdulillah, digantikan dgn picnic yg awesome mareng hoho

Aku kontek budop2 nih, alhamdulillah la..sume leh join..kepulangan raz memudahkan lagi bab2 transpot hui hui pagi jumaat mareng, ak pon gtau my papa na wat piza ler nant ptg picnic huhu terfikir gak nk bwk spagetti..p bia lah, wat pza la semangat sket..pas ayh ak balik dr amik adik ak tusyen..ayh ak bwk balik alat2... kali wat spesel~ wuwu antara ingredient nye.. bhn2 doh ; of coz flour, yeast.. bahan inti.. ingat nk letak tuna tp ayh ak beli sardin kire ok jugak laa..pahtu..sosej..capsicum.. tomato..cheese..onion pon letak jugak bia bg dap sket hooo~

projek wat pizza bermula kul satu woo hoho wat doh lu siap2.. pahtu prepare utk inti..bende tu tade susah sgt cume mkn mase lame, utk raise kan doh tuu..kne tggu stengah jam jugak..inti2 dy.. phtu utk satu pizza sblum kte bakar na kne tggu 15 min ag, baru doh tu jd tebal sket..n bile jadi roti.. lembut dan gebu wuwu~ at the, bakor ler... huhu 500gram tepung tu buleh hasilkan kurg lebih 6 pizza.. 4 Besar 2 kecil..byk kang? kos dlm 20ya pun da dpt byk tu..i wonder la pizza hut awat 1 bijik tu da dkat 20 hoho tp x nafi laaa memg ler jaoh sedap depa lagiiii kui8 tp stakat na mkn tu..ok laaaa~ huhu bakor utk satu pizzza almost 40 min jugak..laau kecik tu..30min ok kot.. nasib baik la stat masak awal, time raz n pada sampai umh na ambik..tggal 1 bijik jah ag yg lum masuk oven..ok la tuu..yg tu tggal adik ak bakor...hoho

time tu lebih kurg 5 suku kot huihui pahtu perjalanan jaoh ag, ambik la dulu..phtu dyb hehe ktorg smpai pantai umt tu lebih kurg suku sblum kul 6 hoho kul wape na picnic nih!!! huk8 pahtu kteorg pun pilih spot..duk la kat satu venue ning hooo ape lagi..mkn2 dimulakan dgn acara makang ais kreng hoho~ adik2 ak pom duk join skali.. Kakaq ng baby..hooo time dlm keta tu..bygkan duk sumbat2 hui hui~ pahtu ktorg pun stat mkn mende2 lain ler..duk borak2 bincang hal ekonomi, dan umah tangge masing2 hui hui tp..sahabat jauh tetap x dilupakang, Sue ng Jema..hooo~ nant la kte plan picnic lagi yeee hooo

makang dan makang lagii..byk ngat makanan pa dop habis hui ak pun dimakan..suke nye tgk budop2 ni makang piza aku hehe =) cengkedis2 pun ade hoho..laa bwk epal ija, pa dop temakan sbb byk ngat mknan last2 sblum balik bagi sute sorg hoho~ time tu pun ak ade bwk skali flyer nur syifa i..hehe utk pada ng raz..sbb ritu la ng dyb beli doh sute sorg hoho Alhamdulillah, pada soh ak reseve hok beso sute ke ye..jumaat depang mai ambik hoho suke2 dohla sblum ni ak suk bimbang gop hok beso tuuu..tggal 6 ag.. kui8 kalu hok kecik tu insha Allah ah, ak target nk wat dirct selling kekgi, derah je abis moo huhu tu nex week nye plan selling kat area batu 6 hui hui~ 

dipedekkan citer, kat gareb tu..baru la tolok balik...hooo~~ tamat la kisoh picnic kami hui hui~ tenQ everyone for a wonderful nice moment!!!!!!!! n special thanx to Ra Z sbb drive ktorg.. tanpa kamu mungkin picnic kami ditunda lagi hoho~ ~ WEEPIEEY! Sayang korg >> Laa, Dyb, Pada, Raz, adik2 aku Nazirah Naqilah <3 hehe

Saturday, June 4, 2011

miss being able to sleep early (=.=)''

salamualaik. hi there. hayya dis nite cannot sleep. bout 1 hour ago tried so hard to sleep but still.. cannot sleep. hoh~ weird thing is, why every morning like 10 11 am like i stat to feel very sleepy that ma eyes almost close eve when am walkin hoooo~ like am thinkin2, got nothin to do and finally wat else i fall asleep oredy hurmmm n rite now i wan sleep but then cannot. waa~ btw its ok la. i guess maybe after i write sumthing here then i feel sleepy coz words, letters n alphabets use to be a very effective sleeping pill for me before wuwuuu. ^o^

So today i wan share wat did i do dis morning.. hoho got nothin to do wif any cookings, or room renovation.. but... its ma bisness again huhu yesterday i went out n bought sum stuff to carry out ma promotion thing. i laminat sum of paper aso. papers that i make.. its sound like.. get nur syifa cream today! now! hoho in malay version of coz. n then this morning, ma project started. am attachin those papers to ma house gate, some board around the park, n to the pondok wall. huhu nobodys there dat y i choosed dat time so that i can do anything without feel being ashamed of doing that. hehe act nothin to be ashame but those thing.. you know.. sumtime people see n then laugh.. erk! even ma brothers n sisters aso.. they would laugh.... out loud! but i dun care s long s i could learn sumthin from what am doin now. somtime its hard, cause there ll be trouble but all these would make things more challenging..more fun.. n plus i do belive NO PAIN NO GAIN! Allah with me by all time, i got trust in Him. n got 1 hadith i had heard bb4, Allah love most people who work best in what his doing>> of coz the correct things to do, in His path. hurm, try to get dis. if we dun feel tired when planting a pumpkin, then its hard to enjoy its sweet taste at the end of the day. hoho my own idiom. dunno why i pick pumpkin rather than other. even i duno how it taste huk8 or maybe i shud replace it wif banana. much better n sound better huuu~

Yeah! I have Allah in my side. So dun fear! Positive!!

finish with those fruit. u noe, when its afternoon, i found out the papers that i put on the wall wasnt there. fly away blew by the wind hayyaaa~ then i go there n fiz it. put more tape. well the wall s not too smooth the uneven surface cause the paper cannot stayed there any longer. no it wont. i got to do sumthin then. hmm maybe i ve to go to psi again n buy another type of tape, the one that more suitable.. stronger.. n then i cud detect sum another spot that i guess i can attach those papers nex day.. the spot that visible enough to be seen by people around hoho~ well thats promotion. ha, so that 1 for tomorrow. n then i aso got plan to attach it beside the Seven E near ma house. am still wonderng act can or not. but see la how coz that day aso got sum paper beside it. hurmmm~ n then tomolo evening i aso planning to pass the flyer, introducin ma product to the people around ma hosing area. maybe if i brave enof, bring ma two lil sis hehe c la how. if am rajin then i ll take n upload the pic of the papers that ve been attached every where in ma area hoho~

well now ma 'sleeping pill' start to works. huhu so thats all ma bisnes story for today. lookin firward for another new, shiny day tomorrow! insha Allah =) lailusaeed. salam.