Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fall for Industrial Practical :D

Chances to use the knowledge that we had gained. Ya, that is industrial practical. right after the very end of my fourth semester, all my cosmate plus me had to persue our industrial practical, well its an option basically. By the way,  i ve got myself a chance to do my practical in Veterinar Department in Kuala Terengganu. Well spotted, its just located beyond the road of my granny house. Brilliant, huh? Ngeh3 To have this 2 months period is great! we ourselves enjoying ourselves in a real world of doing things, instead of theory based memorizing, who got the BEST BRAIN will score BEST, here you go 4 point O ergh! But this is, nope, far more interesting to have, precious experience to gain :D i love it. Well its oredy 3 days. huhu 

The first day. There r 3 of us, UMT behalver hoho me, akma and kin. Short minutes, n we get along together very well then hoho We just being introduced to some small units in here, clinics, stocks medical things, laboratory works and so on. We were brought to the medicine place and introduced to thousands of medicines thing to animal. Interesting! There were also sum stuff, which got to do some medical treatment for stocks. Here, the staff are friendly, and must i say here is very warm welcoming us here =) I aso realize sumthing. To have self respect for the others. These people are nice, n at the same time very well acknowledge, educated of what they are doing. Extra lesson that i had got -> we must not only see, have respect for great people, dr people, rich people. No no no. Everyone has own ability of doing thing and know a thing. Its not only Professor with high income noe Salmonella, but a veterinar officer with far lower income also a friend of it. 

Second day was far better. We went to a goat farm. Sampling their blood and shit. ergh! And we did give it a try. ohoho Great! but i never do the sampling of the shit. can u imagine, grab those fresh made shit in the rectum itself, pushing ur hand iside and grab it. huhu my friends did that and they had fun. =.='' I oni took the blood by using the syringe and vacume tube. Wicked feel i had hoho Its trully amaazing to have this much real experience. after that we took those samples to the lab and do sum test. They called it, Rose Bengala Test, as an indicator if there is a disease, named Brucella melitensis (reproduction system disease in goat ) in those blood and shit. Ya, much alike what i had learnt in school of UMT. If there is, we are allowed to slaughter the goat and as for u to noe, the meat are no longer edible. You eat it, and it might harm you, the worst case, can cause infertility in human. Erm, around 5, we went back home. Ergh what a day! 

And today, the third day. We did duck sampling. Took the blood and shit, again. But this is much difficult. And the smell... i almost faint, pui HOH but we did it : yeay! And another yeay for a permission of going back home at 1 p.m :D Ngeh3. Hoo Really need suffient sleep and enough rest. Full of fatigue. May Allah give me strength for another 55 days. :O Till then. 

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