Monday, December 20, 2010

throo out last days =(

salamualaik to those who pass by ds blog.. i welcome u warmly =)

today is 20 dis 2010.. monday.. few days left before i end my sem break n go back tu umt hoh! a tiring moment ll begin again after 1 month i had this great honeymoon huhu maybe its x really great act s am not really goin out somewhere...havin vacation n others but i do ve special moments dat i share wif ma beloved family that imposible for me to ve it when it comes to lect time o_O 

what i got ya dis sem break.. urmmm

~ get enough rest and sleep > replace d one dat i miss < hehe
~ playing around with my sibs ^_^
~ tryin to make my youngest sist Nazira n Naqila b comfortable wif praying routines
~ plus tarbiyya them to cover up their hair whenever go out. Praise to Allah they make it
~ make new baju kurung and buyin 'jubah' hoorey! >> 2 some more hehe
~ tiny reunion with my usim friends >> arep, ubay, kucai, hooda
~ goin out wif my fetucini friends hoho >>
~ findin new identity [ regarding my tudung huhu ]
~ buyin new 'tudung' ...
~ trying new recipes from the tenet : not much act ehee ^^
~ make sum research bout general info :: hitler and holocaust, islam ad deen and syariat
~ checkin out ma tooth wif dantal > tomolo i guess huhu
~ checking out new syllabus in sem 2 > gona be a tough one.oh Allah, plis give me strength
~ make list on the chapter for each subject. truly freakin me out..ishk =i
~ contact old friends in Usim, Umt

hoh..! tired mehh.. btw.. at least i noe by lookin at dis list, i m actually make good use of my semester break..huhu now.. maybe in these last days i shud make some preparations bfore enterin the new phase of 2011. like before we all have new aim, new dream for the very beginning rite. and me my self of coz i want to be a much better person in this year, never say no agin to mom n dad, more smile, more patience in me, be nice to all my friends, istiqomah with my new looks huhu n last but not least be closer and closer to Rabbul Izzati. BE OPTIMIS! thats the way how every single thing work out well..  hohO ^_^

i had read in my fren's blog.. it stated dat..gud tip to begin ur day n make it end well is by doin this.. wake up in the morning and say "Allahu matluubi, redhohu maqsudi" ( Allah matlamatku, redho Nya tujuanku ) Insha Allah this phrase ll help us to become a better person day by day as we ve already put a trust in our heart that Allah will always be with us      no matter what..

very last word of mine..if u had all relied on Allah as u shud rely on Him, then He would provide u as He provide to the birds, who wake up hungry in the morning and return with a full stomach at dusk ( At Tirmidhi ). Thus work hard for anything that we want, but dun forget..put ur trust in Allah and everything gona be just fine. 

my lect >> Dr. K [ real name huhu ] had alredy said b4 we can be whatever we want on Earth except Nabi n Rasul as they are the chosen one, and of cos, choseb by the greatest One ever. so just struggle.. work hard for anything.. its a chance of a life time.. u ( dedicate to me actually ^^ ) wont afford to pay back the mistake if u did it once. trust me. well that s he said. a very good reminder from him i guess. i mean really open ma eyes dat moments hurmmm

yeah! i would do it! tomolo, am gona doubloe check again ma sllabus n make sum preparations needed.hoh~ someone plis wake me up tomolo huu =) till then salamualaik..

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