Thursday, December 23, 2010

: sarang heyo qoo aidan :

23 may 2009, the date that we very first met in Camellia Court Nilai Negeri Sembilan.

at that time..You so quiet but i keep talking and talking. I got it, perhaps you shy. i want to get to know u. when u were busy put ur things in ur loker. i just look. dun noe what to do. i want to help but i guess u had enough s ur parent, ur sisters also there. my eyes caught sumthing on a big envelop that cntain ur x ray neg film. ahah~ so thats ur name hehe then i called u. but u dun really like to turn. huhu after long time.. n i got to noe u better..and plus we had been 'together', then only i noe what exactly people called u. cool cool as the person is hehe ^_^. That was 1 year and 6 months ago. in mean of time, that i cannot realize.. we had been so close.. u are indeed my best friend ever.. the one who got special place deep in my little heart.. ^_^ 

currently..we have been apart from each other as rite now i persuing ma study and usim and u still in Usim, in the Dental course, Pandan Indah. I want to see u so badly. =( sumtimes..i mean most of times i feel like wan to repeat again the moment that we had before but it almost imposible happen. we both busy. we both apart. but never mind Gods willing we ll meet again.. but i ve lots of things that i want u read.. read till end ya~

1. i always miss the way u laugh that ur face become pink even sumtimes i say sumthin that really mean as a joke
2. i always miss the moments that i felt so tensed and u were there to cheer me up
3. i always miss the moment that we cook together >> prepare brekfast and dinner mostly
4. i always miss the time that, u came to the kitchen to help me when nobody s there even u looked so confused on what to do
5. i always miss that u let me borrow ur phone and hear the songs, even u want to use it so badly
6. i always miss ur face when u back to the room helpless and i pretend to sleep on ur bed so that u wont ve place to land hehe
7. i always miss ur face i heard bollywood songs. u were not into it, but pretend that u like it also
8. i always miss the time that we heard 'Suria Cinta' at Suria fm together.. then we playback again the accent of the female DJ hoho
9. i always miss u when u are not around in the house but i pretend it got nothing to do with me
10. i always miss the moment we hide in others room to eat KFC as got sumone in the house who boycott it
11. i always miss to borrow ur 'baju' and sumtimes 'tudung'... i really used to it that ur friends even taught urs are mine hoho sorry dear~
12. i always miss the time that i got into room and start to tell u todays's story
13. i always miss the time that we 'buke puase same2' huhu
14. i always miss the moment that we studied together.. u tried to make understand as hard as u can
15. i always miss the way u acting >> especially to prank me on my birthday hoh!
16. i always miss the way u eat my pasta cook.. u eat a lot.. that one that u ate it till u throw out huhu
17. i always miss the moment we in the bus together for almost 8 hours from seremban to terengganu
18. i always miss the moment that we ate together.. especially the 'udang celup tepung' kui2
19. i always miss the moment that we dating around the tasik together with nad and safwah
20. i always the moment when the time we watch movie together, we laughed together that my tummy got pain
21. i always miss the way u be at my side always and always even got people dislike me.. n then they dislike u too
22. i always miss the way u listen to to me when i got no one to hear me.. and wipe away my tears
23. i always miss that u lift me up when i felt so weak.. =(
24. i always miss we both went to smile and buy the expensive ice cream got there, and then we devour it hoho
25. i always miss the way we talked like kampung accent sumtimes.. huhu
26. i always miss when u did sumthing for others even sumtimes u dun even like it, for me also..
27. i always miss the way u said otokacho~
28. i always miss the way u studied on ur bed.. doing math.. physics.. keep reading and reading..u were so focus that sumtimes i felt so jealous u noe..huh

i always miss and miss.. but u have no idea about it.. i hope that one day we ll meet again ya.. may Allah always be at ur side, n hopefully one day.. if i got toothpain u ll treat me and that would be for free..hoho noe what, my life without you like the spagetti without sauce..uhuk2 not delicious at all mehhh~

Barakallahu alaiki daiman.. =) 

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