Sunday, December 19, 2010

first one

Salamualaik everyone ^_^

Praise to Allah the mighty one dat now i could say proudly 'i am a blogger'. huhu well act i already plan to ve this long time ago, but thinking dat maybe i got nothin to share, then i pospone n keep doin that till now. hoh! d reasons why i wan to ve ma own blog is....hurm~ thinking2.. ahah! i find out from 1 of d web, dat blogging s one of d fun way dat i could improve ma language esp english. well am not really good in Eng as u can read, i keep using broken Eng hohO~ thats why am writin in Eng rite now.. > of cos not for showin off but only for goodness inside me <

Other than that i think that my own blog could b my diary n space 4 me to speak my heart out whenever i got no one to talk want to share with..ohoO that so sad of me =( 

plus plus plus, i can write out, speak out loud s i could in here...! well somtimes we got stress, got big heavy stone on our head but ve no idea to remove it..rite? so i think its an really interesting n advanced way to release tense btw.

last but not very least.. i guess it also can b a medium for me to spread da'wa direct or indirectly. even my knowledge is not that much, but one thing that i believe.. da'wa is a job, a responsible dat every muslim has in him or her. i mean, be another's reminder as we people, we human always forgot the right way n lose the very true path. might b in here i can share anything bout my deen to all my brothers n sisters plus also everyone else who are not sharing da same religion with me. i dun ve any problem with that. Sharing is caring, caring is loving, well loving is good! As we all noe~

i think thats all for this starter.. hoping dat i ll get sumthing new to write in here again and again. i m loOking forward for it~ ohOo. Insha Allah ^_^

 Till then, God bless we all. Salamualaik~ 

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